Supplier Search

This service is aimed to companies  who have clear the product that want to import, but still don’t have a supplier in China.

The client tells us about the product and the quantity that needs to import, providing also photos, technical description,  website links, or any other available information which helps us to understand the request as accurately as possible. Subsequently we start the research with several suppliers, and then deliver a report with the data of the companies consulted.

Furtherly, we give a report of 3 different companies, which comply with the requested sales prices and quality required, for our client to decide which one to work with.

This report includes:

General Survey  – Product Details – Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) – Product Prices – Product Pictures – Estimated Delivery Time – Incoterm – Vendor Catalogs (depending on availability) – Factory Main Information – Supplier contact data – Logistics evaluation.

Delivery time: 1 week approx.


In this first stage, we still can’t certify these companies. That would suppose a more complete work , subjected to other fees.

 For search of specific machinery, clothing (footwear, clothing in general), fabrics, raw material, products to be designed or manufactured according to special requirements of the client, the price and delivery time could be different.