ASilkyRoad was born in 2016 as an answer to the necessity of worldwide importers, of getting higher levels of security and quality service when buying to chinese suppliers.

         The differences in culture, language and business paradigms, present in China, could suppose a disadvantage for foreigner importers when trying to guarantee accuracy and transparency in their negotiations.
Beyond all the development of B2B platforms and general facilities provided by technology and globalization for doing international trade, nowadays buying in China still faces several levels of complexity and some cases important risks.
         In consequence, our mission is to ensure a personalized, dependable and effective service to overseas importers requiring assistance in their purchasing processes in China. We act as direct representatives of  our clients, playing the role of their defenders in China; we guarantee transparent operations, accuracy in product specification and quality controls, as well as the deepest search of the best prices and conditions for the whole importation process.
Differently from many agencies which offer similar services, we don’t have special commercial  alliances with chinese companies, we don’t get extra sales commissions from chinese suppliers. We only represent foreigner buyers!
         With the headquarters currently located in Shenzhen (Canton), and one office in Hangzhou, near to Yiwu, Shanghai, and Ningbo, ASilkyRoad continues on growing, adapting and innovating towards nowadays worldwide trade necessities, going hand in hand of a continuous commitment to provide the highest quality service to our clients.