About us

We provide accompaniment in the whole process of importation from China: sourcing, product quality, supplier management and compliance. We offer a variety of services in different stages, adaptable to your specific need…

Our Services

This service is aimed to companies  who have clear the product that want to import, but still don’t have a supplier in China.

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Critical phase to minimize risks to future negotiations and closed, after a first disbursement of payments to begin production (generally assumed Modality)….

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IPI inspections have the purpose of controlling that the supplier adheres to required quality standards from the very beginning ….

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Pre-Shipment Inspections are the most common and most effectives, in order to that confirm the whole shipment’s quality level….

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The moment of the container loading is one of the critical milestones during the process of importation . If the cargo is not loaded in the correct way,  all previous care could be compromised when considering the risks of damage due to handling, …

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Our values

  • Capability of transformation and reinvention in front of the challenging changes of technology and business dynamics



  • We take care of the more minimum details in order to reach the highest standards of satisfaction from our clients


  • We firmly believe in honesty and transparency as core values for success in every human experience. More than any other, we reinforce this belief in our daily work among the people that conform our work team.


  • We rely on a rigorous strategy of planning, monitoring and control, which allows us to achieve the objectives set, according to the specific requirements of our customers, in the stipulated times